Prayerful celebration of PALM SUNDAY - the feast of the Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem - at St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, IL
Молитовне святкування ВЕРБНОЇ НЕДІЛІ - Входу Господнього в Єрусалим в Українському Православному Соборі св. Князя Володимира в Чікаго, ІЛ

Archbishop Daniel Leads Palm Sunday Liturgy: A Reflection on Witness and Spiritual Accountability

Archbishop Daniel, the spiritual father of the Western Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, presided over the liturgical services of Palm Sunday, commemorating the feast of the Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem. The prayerful joyful celebration took place in front of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, IL, where the hierarch was warmly greeted by the parish children, parish board president Pani Maria Hlibka, and pastor - Very Rev. Fr. Ivan Lymar.

The atmosphere was enriched by the resonant chants of the Boyan Cathedral choir, skillfully led by Maestro Volodymyr Popovych, adding a layer of prayerful solemnity and joy to Palm Sunday celebration.

In his sermon, Archbishop Daniel drew parallels between the crowds that joyfully welcomed Christ into Jerusalem with shouts of recognition and adoration, and those same crowds who, just days later, called for His crucifixion. He emphasized the theme of witness, urging the congregation to reflect on their own roles as witnesses to Christ's message and to be mindful of the consistency of their faith amidst life's challenges and uncertainties.

Addressing a congregation of over 700 faithful, Archbishop Daniel underscored the importance of spiritual formation, highlighting the nurturing of both the inner and outer selves. He stressed the need for introspection and accountability in one's spiritual journey, reminding the faithful of the transformative power of embracing Christ's teachings in their daily lives.

As the liturgy continued, numerous parishioners approached the Holy Mysteries of Repentance and Eucharist, seeking spiritual nourishment and renewal. Archbishop Daniel blessed Palm branches, symbolizing an invitation for individuals to welcome Christ into their personal Jerusalem, by opening the doors of their hearts to spiritual growth and accountability.

The celebration continued with a communal luncheon in the parish hall, fostering fellowship among the parishioners, as they reflected on the significance of Palm Sunday and the profound message imparted by Archbishop Daniel.

In essence, Archbishop Daniel's presence for the celebration of Palm Sunday liturgy served as a poignant reminder of the enduring relevance of Christ's message of love, forgiveness, and spiritual renewal. Through his guidance, the faithful were encouraged to embody the spirit of witness and embrace the transformative power of Christ's teachings in their lives, fostering a deeper connection to their faith and community.

Prayerful celebration of PALM SUNDAY

Photos by Subdeacon Mykola Stefanyk

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