The Audit Commission of the UOC of the USA Convened for the Annual Audit
The Audit Committee of the UOC of the USA Convened for the Annual Audit

To fulfill the spiritual needs of her faithful, to provide for those in need throughout the world, to educate and nurture her youth, and to support and train her clergy, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA utilizes numerous ministries and institutions. 

Among these are the St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary which trains young men for the priesthood, gives deeper understanding to students, and prepares educators on how best to reach today’s youth.  UOC Youth and All Saints Camp are instrumental in planting the seeds of faith into young minds, providing them with a rudimentary understanding of their Faith, and helping it grow with them and blossom.  The Church Bookstore provides parishes with service books, church supplies and vestments, and homes with icons, prayer books, crosses, and all manner of materials to assist the faithful on their spiritual journeys.

These are but a few of the institutions that exist and flourish under the UOC of the USA.  Each one is independent, and yet interdependent on one another.  To ensure that each entity is adhering to internal processes, the Church holds an Annual Audit.  The Audit Commission comprised of Rev. James Cairns, Rev. Andriy Matlak, Mrs. Suzanne Marie Mathieu, Mrs. Tamara Host, and Mr. Wolodymyr Katolik, was elected during the 23rd Regular Sobor.

Joining His Eminence Archbishop Daniel, Consistory President, in the Conference room in South Bound Brook, NJ, the group met at the Metropolia Center of the UOC of the USA on Tuesday, June 13th, in order to conduct the Annual Audit.  Vladyka Daniel began the opened the meeting with prayer as Mrs. Tamara Host was elected as the Audit Chairwoman, Mrs. Suzanne Marie Mathieu as Vice-Chairwoman, and Rev. James Cairns as Audit Secretary.

Soon the large conference table was covered with books, papers, and spreadsheets.  Numbers were reconciled, data was confirmed, and resources calculated.  The hours flew by as the records were reviewed, phone calls were made, and spreadsheets compared.  Over the next few days, the committee will continue reviewing financial statements and records in order to report to the Metropolitan Council of the Church and ensure that the Church’s finances are in good order and that the various institutions and organizations are adhering to proper process and procedures.

The committee expressed its deep gratitude for the warm hospitality and assistance offered by Protopresbyter Stephen Hutnick, Mrs. Natalia Honcharenko, Assistant Treasurer and the Consistory staff.

According to the Chapter XII of the Constitution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA,

the Audit Commission is determined as:

  1. The Sobor shall elect an Audit Commission composed of five members - two priests and three laypersons to a three year term for the purpose of auditing the financial affairs and assets of the Metropolia and of central Church organizations and institutions. The Sobor shall also elect two alternates for the Audit Commission – one priest and one layperson – to a three year term to substitute during audits when necessary.
  2. A Chairman of the Audit Commission, its Vice-Chairman and Secretary shall be elected by the Commission from amongst its members.
  3. The Audit Commission shall examine, at least once a year, the accuracy of the financial records of the Consistory and all central organizations and institutions of the Metropolia to give a full accounting of income, expenses, major capital improvements, investments and property valuation.
  4. Meetings of the Audit Commission shall be called by its Chairman, at the request of the Council of the Metropolia or at the request of the President of the Consistory.
  5. The Audit Commission Chairman or a substitute from the Commission membership shall present the Commission’s report to the annual meeting of the Council of the Metropolia. A comprehensive report shall also be prepared for the regular Sobor.
The Audit Commission of the UOC of the USA Convened for the Annual Audit

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