Your Charitable Donations Are Our Responsibility: TOGETHER We Serve the Needs of the People of Ukraine
Your Charitable Donations Are Our Responsibility: TOGETHER We Serve the Needs of the People of Ukraine

Ваші Благодійні Пожертви – Наша Відповідальність: РАЗОМ Допомагаємо Людям України

The devastating eruption of Russian aggression against the nation of Ukraine is driving millions from their homes and now, the consequences of the war are triggering a wave of food and supplies shortage and hunger around the world.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA took several proactive steps to facilitate the most necessary logistical support for the people and nation of Ukraine. Thousands of people and community leaders visited the Spiritual Center of the Church in South Bound Brook, NJ, making material and financial donations in support of the suffering, displaced and wounded people of Ukraine.

Parishes of the UOC of the USA from the across the United States of America followed the lead of the National Spiritual Headquarters and begun to collect and ship medical, logistical, food supplies to the people of Ukraine. We are truly blessed by the examples of the dedicated clergy and laity of the Church who tirelessly commit themselves to the SERVICE in the Name of Christ. To all of them – we offer our most sincere gratitude and prayers for the continued success of their charitable efforts.

As of June 14, 2022, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA received $2,195,472.92 in donations for the Charitable Aid to Ukraine.

We have already released $685,947.31 in order to support various humanitarian projects in Ukraine, Poland and Turkey.

The above-mentioned amount includes the sponsorship of the following programs:

  1. Logistical Shipment of humanitarian aid (food, clothing, hygiene items, medical supplies, bedding) donated by the public.
  2. Financial contribution has been made to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the amount of $100,000 in order to facilitate the most necessary humanitarian aid in places where the devastating attacks of the enemy destroyed the infrastructure and life: cities of Bucha and Irpin
  3. Provided financial assistance with the shipment of the Humanitarian Aid via Turkey, in the amount of $20,000
  4. Purchased and delivered various medical supplies, such us: trauma first-aid kits, syringes, feeding tubes, intubation kits, respiratory equipment, surgical equipment, and various over-the-counter medications, in the amount of $30,000
  5. Provided financial support for the purchases of water and food items in Kharkiv region, in the amount of $75,000
  6. Financed the purchase of 27 medical vehicles for the mobile military units and field hospitals in the amount of $240,000
  7. Financed the purchase and shipment of over 11,000 Pascha season baskets and supplies for the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, through the close cooperation with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, in the amount of $65,000
  8. Financed the purchase of mobile washers and dryers for the refugee centers in the amount of $10,000 to be used in various cities across Ukraine
  9. Provided support for Mariupol refugees in the amount of $75,000
  10. Provided financial support for Donbas region refugees, in the amount of $25,000
  11. Financed the Summer Camp for Children of 100 wounded soldiers in Turkey, in the amount of $20,000
  12. Provided funding for the purchase of mobile heating units for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of $25,000

UOC of the USA has been working since the start of the war in Ukraine to get critical aid to those who need it most. Through our Metropolia oriented programs and individual parish projects, we have physically transported tons of logistical supplies to the people both within Ukraine and displaced in its neighboring countries. 

Having collected over 2.1 million dollars, the UOC of the USA continues to finance logistical medical and food deliveries in various parts of Ukraine.

Please, visit our web site for the most recent updates on our humanitarian efforts and CONTINUE TO SUPPORT US IN OUR MISSION TO HELP THE PEOPLE AND NATION OF UKRAINE!

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