Let Us Be Attentive: LUBA January - National Mentoring Month
Let Us Be Attentive: LUBA January - National Mentoring Month

Зверніть Увагу на події навколо Національного Місяця Наставництва

January - LUBA Feature: National Mentoring Month was devised to promote youth mentoring in the United States.  Mentoring is taking on the responsibility to advise or train someone on a topic with which we have greater knowledge. That someone is usually an individual younger and less experienced than ourselves. Christ showed us all by example how to be the greatest mentor, through His teaching of the disciples and then in turn their passing down of knowledge to the next generation of faithful.  This month strive to mentor a young person or peer. 

  • Learn more about mentoring from Mentor: The National Mentoring Partnership at www.mentoring.org
  • Volunteer at your local Boys and Girls Club
  • Volunteer as a tutor at your local high school or college
  • Work with your parish youth ministry team to create a special workshop on a specific topic that you can teach to the youth or young adults or your parish (this can be anything from financial responsibility to paska baking!)
  • Start planning now to serve as staff during our summer camping programs www.uocyouth.org

Additional commemorated days:

National Blood Donor Month

January 7 - Nativity of our Lord

January 19 - Feast of the Epiphany

January 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22 - National Celebrate Life Day

January 26 - National Spouses Day

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