“Luba” in Action!
“Luba” in Action!

In the spirit of this Lenten season, “LET US BE ATTENTIVE!” (LUBA) is a call to be attentive to our neighbor, to our community, to our parish family and to Christ! This year, as a Lenten Project, parishioners of St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Boston undertook a charitable activity to assist the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) in shipping emergency hygiene kits to those in need around the world. Imagine a child being so poor that soap and washcloths are considered luxury items. Imagine being a refugee who has fled from home with only the items he carries in his hands. Imagine being the victim of a natural disaster and losing all of your possessions. For the faithful of St. Andrew’s, assembling and sending these emergency kits was a practical and tangible way to provide aid and to make life a bit better for those in need.

During the first four weeks of Great Lent, parishioners donated items needed to make the hygiene kits including hand towels, washcloths, combs, nail clippers, soap, toothbrushes and Band-Aids. After the Liturgy on Sunday, March 25, 2018 enthusiastic volunteers assembled the items and prepared the kits for shipping. Since this year marks St. Andrew’s 60th anniversary as a parish, donors set a goal of assembling sixty kits for the 60th! As it turned out, 83 kits were assembled, far exceeding the goal.

Over this past year, St. Andrew’s has followed the recommendations of the Consistory’s “LUBA” initiative. The Church has made monthly donations to various charities ranging from the American Kidney Foundation to the Greater Boston Food Pantry as well as to the organizations of the UOC of the USA. Assembling the kits was a great next step in getting the parish actively involved in charity work.

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