Triple Prayerful Observance at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Troy, NY) Over Memorial Day Weekend
Triple Prayerful Observance in Troy, NY





Triple Prayerful Observance at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Troy, NY) Over Memorial Day Weekend


The doors of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Troy, NY were widely opened early in the morning hours of Sunday, May 29, 2016 as numerous visitors of the parish family arrived prior to the beginning of the Divine Liturgy in order to observe a triple celebration with His Grace Bishop Daniel leading the liturgical celebrations of the day.

Two young men of St. Nicholas parish community – Michael Ryan and Nicholas have spent several months with the pastor of the community Fr. Vasyl Dovgan in preparation for the Holy Mystery of Confession. The final day of prayerful preparation became even more special with the arrival of His Grace Bishop Daniel in order to preside over the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom for the Memorial Day weekend. Both Michael and Nicholas approached their pastor at the celebration of the service in order to partake in the Mystery of Repentance. Following the chanting of Gospel reading for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, Vladyka Daniel offered an inspiring sermon calling upon those in attendance to challenge their faith and lives with the zeal of dedication and spiritual curiosity of St. Photini/Svitlana (the Gospel Samaritan Woman).

Numerous parishioners, along with Nicholas and Michael received the Holy Mystery of Eucharist, thus sharing in the sacred Eucharistic offering and prayer of the entire parish community. The members of the St. Nicholas parish choir prayerfully chanted the responses to the prayers and petitions of the Divine Liturgy.

Following the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Vasyl welcomed the bishop and at the same time informed those in attendance about some health issues that he was experiencing, preparing himself to be admitted to a local hospital for a serious medical procedure. Vladyka Daniel spoke of the importance of prayer, especially the prayer of the faithful for their pastor, who often visits them in hospitals and homes; yet, this time around he is in need of prayerful intercession. The whole parish family gathered around the middle of the church, where Bishop Daniel served the Holy Mystery of Unction, anointing Fr. Vasyl, who was surrounded and embraced by the love of the entire parish family, his wife Ilona and daughter Solomia.

Once the prayerful intercessions of the Holy Mystery of Unction concluded, the entire congregation processed outside of the parish’s temple to the place of the permanent parish memorial, where dozens of names – parishioners of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox parish of Troy, NY listed – those have served in the armed forces of the United States of America and have sacrificed their lives in the service of their nation. As the Memorial Panakhyda was served each name was read out loud by Vladyka Daniel, Fr. Vasyl Dovgan and Vr. Vasyl Shak (South Bound Brook, NJ). In his short remarks, Bishop Daniel reflected on the sacred notion of ultimate sacrifice for the benefit and protection of others.

The day concluded with a beautiful luncheon prepared by the parish family in honor of Bishop Daniel, Fr. Vasyl and the servants of God Michael and Nicholas, who received the Holy Mystery of Repentance for the very first time that day.

Triple Prayerful Observance in Troy, NY

Triple Prayerful Observance in Troy, NY - 05/29/2016

Photos by Tanya Lisnyczyj Petroff

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