UOC of the USA Strategic Planning Meeting
UOC of the USA Strategic Planning





UOC of the USA Strategic Planning


“If on the day of your final judgment, when you meet your Creator, you want to know that you have done the most you could have done to protect, preserve and promote Christ’s church and make disciples, do I have the program for you. By the grace of God, I have been blessed to have developed a comprehensive training program to help Christian Parishes learn how to use the established discipline of strategic planning to improve the paradigm of their parish and help it achieve its vision and mission.” Bill Marianes

With these words in mind, on Wednesday July 22, 2015, a dedicated group of seven clergy and laity, initially appointed by His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, representing various viewpoints were invited to meet for a day at the Consistory offices of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to discuss a vision of the Strategic Plan for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. The participants, led by Mr. Bill Marianes, brought with them a broad background of service to the Church, reflecting the diverse geography and perspectives of our Metropolia. The discussions were very positive, and all decisions were reached by consensus and with enthusiasm.

Initial Strategic planning approach is all about figuring out why any organization exists, where it is, where it wants to go and how it will get there. In other words, it is how any organization can better identify and live its stewardship calling.

Both hierarchs of the Church participated in the meeting and in their introductory remarks Metropolitan Antony and Bishop Daniel stated that God continues to bless us every day of our lives. He has given us the stewardship responsibility over the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, and we know that the clergy and faithful of our Metropolia take this awesome responsibility very seriously. Of course, there is so much we are doing well, and there are other things we can do better. With this in mind, we bless this work and invite as many interested individuals of the Church to participate and offer their services in the life and development of our Holy UOC of the USA.

Following a full day of discussions and planning, a finalized deadline for strategic approach to planning various reflections, studies and retreats were set. Naturally we will keep you informed every step of the way and look forward to the full realization and implementation of our final Strategic Plan. With God’s help, there is nothing we cannot achieve if we work together for His greater glory and as faithful stewards of His Holy Orthodox Church: ‘for with God, all things are possible.’

In the end, the ultimate goal of our Church’s Strategic Plan is to provide our Priests and Lay Leaders with an array of best practices MAPS (Ministries, Activities, Programs and Services) that can be readily and easily used to lead the way to stronger and more effective Parishes. Through this process, we hope to provide our parishes with much-needed resources, services, materials and training.

For now, we ask for your prayers and willingness to answer the call of service. After all our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave us His life as an example of how each of us should live. He also asked us to nurture and grow His Church. Our Father gives us all of our many other blessings. The question is what will we do with all of these gifts of God’s greater glory and for a righteous life both here and as we prepare for a “good account at the awesome judgment seat of Christ” for all of eternity?

UOC of the USA Strategic Planning Meeting

UOC of the USA Strategic Planning Meeting - 07/22/2015

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