Music for the Divine Liturgy is Published by the UOC of the USA
Music to the Divine Liturgy is Published by the UOC
Easily adaptable music with Ukrainian and English parallel formatted text is now available online and in store.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA has a history of compiling, editing and publishing sacred music for the needs of our parishes. In the 1960s, a comprehensive anthology in Ukrainian was published under the editorial direction of Vasyl Zavitnevych, which became the primary source of sacred music for choir directors and cantors.
Since that time, the demographics of our parishes and especially our choirs have changed. An increasing number of parishes conduct their services
in English. The challenge for music directors is to try to find enough English music to meet their needs, while at the same time remaining faithful to our unique Ukrainian musical tradition. It is common for most directors to glean whatever they can from  a number of available English sources, and supplement the rest with their own conversions from the original Ukrainian or Church Slavonic. Often, non complex music is needed in many parish settings.
In an attempt to produce a standard body of music, a project was begun in 2000 to prepare a series of books based on select Ukrainian melodies set to a common English text.  This effort is being completed by Markian Komichak of St. Vladimir’s in Parma. Each book is formatted in such a way as to place a Ukrainian version facing the corresponding English version. The musical materials is chosen primarily for congregational singing and small choral ensembles. The format is also convenient for choirs and cantors that use both languages. The first issue to come out featured the complete Divine Liturgy (2002). Subsequent offerings included Panakhyda (2005), Vespers (2007), and Moleben (2011). Not knowing the extent of the demand for such materials, only a limited number of copies were printed for each run.
The demand is great and the books have been widely distributed. The inventory of the first edition of the Liturgy Book is nearly depleted and a second printing has been published. The second edition is similar to the first with the exception of some necessary corrections and changes in the musical cadences.
As in our previous publications, the text is taken from the Prayer Book (South Bound Brook, New Jersey, 2004), which contains the official translation of the Services as celebrated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. For a number of musical reasons, a strict adherence to the new text was not always practical; so it became necessary in certain places to make minor alterations in accordance with common practice.

The new second edition of the Divine Liturgy (2013) is available at the Consistory for a nominal cost of $10.

The Short Memorial Service - Panakhyda (2005), Common parts of Vespers (2007), and  the Moleben (2011)
are available for $5 each.


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