65th Annual UOL Convention Continues in Allentown, PA – Day 2!
65th Annual UOL Convention – Day 2!


65th Annual UOL Convention Continues – Day 2!

The second full day of the 65th Annual UOL Convention began with Morning Prayers for the repose of the soul of His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine.

Business Sessions were called to order promptly at 9 am and the Convention Body was treated to an address from His Grace Bishop Daniel, who also is a spiritual father of the Senior National UOL. Vladyka Daniel offered a reflection on the theme of this year’s UOL Convention, stressing the importance of a simple word “WITH”, which calls to unity and openness of mind to the needs of the world around us.

The Bishop stated “…What I challenge you, the laity of this organization and of our Church to do, at this moment in our Church’s history — and at any moment for a fact — is to live out your vocational call. This was true when your parents were growing up. This is true today. This does not mean that laity need to become more like priests (or priests more like laity)… I am calling upon you to continue your ministry and work on what it really means to be Ukrainian Orthodox in our world. Evangelization, personal growth in faith, a healthy prayer life, living lives of charity, justice and faith, service to others — these don’t come out of a program, nor are they dependent on how many priests can be assigned to a parish or a chapter. They are the clear demands of living the faith in our daily lives — and being excited about it!..

This Convention’s theme – is about our investment in the future of the Church.  “Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity” (Psalm: 133:1)."

Our younger generation stands in the modern day desert, often hungry and thirsty, stretching out with the totality of their being to possess God as the source of their being! They have often tried the pleasures of this world and like children who joyfully stretch out to grasp the beautifully colored bubbles, they end up frustrated and empty handed. They search for that encounter with God. And it is our role to lead them to the place of that encounter with God. Together, as one family in Christ!

So, let’s journey together yet another year. Really reflecting upon our mission and vocation, providing for each other a safe place of meeting and encounter with Christ!”

The Convention body then broke into Committees to further fine tune their recommendations. These recommendations will be available in the minutes of this Convention which will be posted on the UOL website for review.

After taking the customary Convention picture, both Seniors and Juniors broke for lunch. Immediately upon reconvening, the 66th Annual Convention Committee from St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Parma, OH gave a stirring presentation highlighting what will be a wonderful week.

The Convention will be held July 24-28, 2013 and encompasses the theme “O Lord, how manifold are Your works, in wisdom You have made them all.” (Psalm 103).

Events include a trip to the Cleveland Aquarium, a dinner/dance at the Windows on the River Restaurant, “An Evening in Ukraine” event, Banquet and Ball, and Sunday Divine Liturgy with Farewell Brunch.

Teresa Linck presented the results of the Essay Contest. The following first place entries received icons and certificates:

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Anthony Sendeha, Sts. Peter and Paul, Palos Park, IL

1st and 2nd Grade: Logan Mroczk, St. Vladimir, Parma, OH

3rd and 4th Grade: Peter Gordon, Sts. Peter and Paul, Palos Park, IL

5th and 6th Grade: Delia Walkowiec, Sts. Peter and Paul, Youngstown, OH

7th and 8th Grade: Victoria Swindle, Holy Virgin, Arnold, PA

9th and 10th Grade: Nicholas Woloschak, Sts. Peter and Paul, Youngstown, OH

11th and 12th Grade: Joey Hutzaluk, Pokrova, Allentown, PA

Adult: Robin Bodnar, Pokrova, Allentown, PA

Committee Reports were begun by the presentation of the Youth Committee and then tabled as the final round of the Chapter Challenge took place, pitting the Executive Board team against the WBTB (“We'll Beat the Board”) team. The Executive Board emerged victorious by a score of 7-4.

Report presentation then resumed with the Education, Resolutions, Ways and Means, Vocations and Clergy Support, Public Relations, Membership and Chapter Development. During discussion of the Ways and Means recommendations it was decided that the 2014 UOL Convention will be held in South Bound Brook, NJ and hosted by the National Executive Board, along with support from local chapters.

The Christian Care Giving Senior and Junior Joint Committees presented their report which completed the business for Thursday.

The day ended once again at The Meadows (Hellertown, PA), the setting of the “Rockin' Around the Palm Tree” Clambake.

65th Annual UOL Convention Continues – Day 2!

65th Annual UOL Convention Continues – Day 2! - 07/27/2012

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