UOC of the USA is Represented at Antiochian Village!
UOC of the USA is Represented at Antiochian Village!


UOC of USA is Represented at Antiochian Village!
By Subdeacon John Charest

During the residency weeks of the St. Stephen's House of Studies 5 members of the UOC of USA were present for a variety of reasons.  Pani Matka Christine Holet of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Virginia taught a class on Slavic chanting.  Pani Christine taught her students to understand the needs of the parish and to work with the priest on meeting those needs in a way that allows the most participation.  At the gala banquet Pani Christine lead the Slavic Chanting Class as they performed a piece for the entire House of Studies.  Pani Christine is invited to teach every year at the House of Studies. 
Finishing up their classes for the Doctorate of Ministry program were Rev. Volodymyr Steliac of St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Maryland and Dr. Gayle Woloschak of Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in Palos Park, Illinois.  While Rev. Volodymyr and Dr. Gayle both have a few more papers to write they are officially done with their classes for the program.  They've been taking three weeks a year for the past three years to make journeys out to the Antiochian Village for classes. 
Each year the House of Studies devotes one class period to fellowship in which the doctoral candidates and students in the Theology Track come for a joint learning experience.  This year the school picked a speaker who has more than an extensive background in science.  Dr. Gayle Woloschak gave a presentation on, "Science - Religion Dialogue and the Orthodox Church".  Dr. Gayle enlightened the students and faculty with a number of issues such as in vitro fertilization, evolution, an genetic testing.  She explained that as science expands it's knowledge of these topics the Church must clarify Her stance on these issues.  Dr. Gayle's biggest push was that we utilize our resources within our own parishes: doctors, scientists, expert laity, etc., and to put the resources in the context of the Church.  Dr. Gayle left the students and faculty with so much information that her presentation was the topic of every table in the cafeteria for the rest of the House of Studies program. Even Fr. Najim opened his lecture with a charge to the students to be like Dr. Gayle and contribute what we have learned about the Ancient Faith to the American Society.  He praised Dr. Gayle by saying she could be an asset to each one of us. 
Two other members of the UOC of USA were also present at the residency week.  Subdeacon Paul Cherkas from St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Woonsocket, Rhode Island finished his first year of studies and first week of residency and Subdeacon John Charest of Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Palos Park, Illinois finished his third year of studies and third week of residency. 
The St. Stephen's House of Studies is a great way for anyone to expand their knowledge of the Orthodox Faith that might not otherwise be able to travel to or stay in South Bound Brook at our own St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary. 

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