Prayers Requested For the Parish Communities In The Path of Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene Prayers Request!


August 27, 2011

Beloved clergy and faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA: 

We fervently request that clergy and faithful of our Metropolia offer special prayers for the victims of hurricane Irene, which is causing heavy damage on the East Coast of our nation this weekend.  We are all united as friends and neighbors in the states and communities affected by hurricane Irene and as a family in Christ we pray for protection from the consequences of the storm.  We must be eager and ready to offer refuge and help to those who may be endangered or harmed.  “Irene” translated means “peace”…let us prayer that Holy Great Martyr St. Irene will intercede with Almighty God to protect our nation from these present threats.

Let us offer our assistance and cooperation with the public safety officials, and stand ready to assist in all efforts of outreach and help.  Our Metropolia Center will be a staging ground for power and utility companies from seven area states who will be traveling in to assist in repair efforts throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.

There are many channels of support for the hurricane victims. This week, we ask you to consider making a collection that will benefit the Church’s Relief and Development Fund, which will provide assistance to the parish communities affected by the storm.
“Lord, Who calmed the storm at sea: Quiet the fears. Ease the pain. Tend the grief and light the darkness of your children on the East Coast of our Nation as they are faced with the consequences of hurricane Irene.  Be the voice of the injured. Lead rescuers to the lost. Shelter the waiting. Sustain those who work to make life's necessities spring forth in this desert of gloom. Blanket the weary with your tender touch. Shake us from our comfort to share our sisters’ and brothers' sorrow and burden. Enable us to assist and pray them into new life.  For You are a Merciful and Loving God and unto you do we ascribe glory: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen."

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