UOL Super Bowl Sunday!
UOL Super Bowl Sunday!


Ukrainian Orthodox League’s Super Bowl Sunday!

As Orthodox Christians, in response to the Gospel, we are taught to be generous in charity and love to all.  In cooperation with the Saint Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Society, one of our Church’s central organizations that works to serve the less fortunate in Ukraine, we have the opportunity to help those in need.

In 1991 Saint Andrew’s Society was established to support the spiritual rebirth of the faithful in Ukraine especially in charitable outreach.  This organization of our Church’s faithful has provided humanitarian assistance to the  poor and disenfranchised elderly, by providing meals or food parcels, and to the orphans, with St. Nicholas visitations. These soup kitchens, located in various cities in Ukraine, have provided warm meals, Monday through Friday, for the needy. 

Saint Andrew’s Society has also published Bibles, religious books and educational pamphlets for the faithful in Ukraine. The Orthodox seminaries have received countless supplies and equipment. The seminarians themselves have received scholarships. Along with these great offerings, the Society has raised over $115,000 to restore historic Saint Michael’s Monastery in Kyiv.

On Sunday, February 7th, numerous people across the country will gather to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. We are truly so fortunate to enjoy God’s blessings; this is the perfect opportunity to remember and to share with the less fortunate.  Again this year, the Ukrainian Orthodox League requests that all UOL Chapters take a collection, and/or host a fundraising meal to support Saint Andrew’s Society’s Soup Kitchens in Ukraine. With the blessing of your pastor and in cooperation with the parish administration, we request you distribute the brochures, sharing them with the faithful. All donations can be sent:

Alexis Oryhon - UOL Financial Secretary
30 Jane Lacey Drive
Endicott, NY 13760

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