90 Years of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Service

Ukrainian diplomats observe 90 years of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Service

On Friday, Decemeber 21st 2007 representatives of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Corps in the USA, headed by Ukraine’s Ambassador to the USA Oleh Shamshur, Ukraine’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations Organization Yuriy A. Sergeyev and Consul General in New York Mykola M. Kyrychenko, gathered in the spiritual center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (South Bound Brook, NJ) in order to observe the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Service.

Almost 30 staff-members of the Embassy, Consulate and UN Mission as well as numerous parishioners and guests were present in St. Andrew the First-called Memorial church at the Service of Gratitude (Moleben), served by His Eminence Archbishop Antony, assisted by Bishop-elect Daniel and numerous clergy. In his homily Archbishop Antony stressed the importance of today’s commemoration, since while observing the 90-th anniversary of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Mission we also honor the best sons of our Mother-Ukraine, often wronged by history but nevertheless remaining unyielding.

Afterwards the representatives of the Diplomatic Corps laid flowers on the graves of Andriy Livytskyi, Director of Foreign Affairs of the so called “Directoria” (Ukraine’s government in the years 1919-1920) and President of the Ukrainian National Republic in Exile in the years 1926-1954 and Stepan Vytvytskyi, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United UNR and head of its Mission in Paris and London, as well as President of the UNR abroad in the years 1954-1965. Both of these dignitaries’ graves are in the cemetery in S. Bound Brook.

The commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Ukraine’s Diplomatic Service ended with a reception in honor of this occasion, hosted by the Consistory of the UOC of the USA.       

Those interested in a more detailed description of Ukrainian Diplomatic Mission are referred to the Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukraine Embassy’s in the USA internet pages: http://www.mfa.gov.ua/usa/ua/news/detail/9621.htm

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