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Patriarchal Message for the New Ecclesiastical Year and the Day for the Protection of the Natural Environment - 08/31/15

As everyone knows, September 1st of each year has been dedicated at the initiative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate – and recently also by the Roman Catholic Church – as a day of prayer for the protection of the natural environment. On this day, we especially beseech the supreme God to gladden His creation so that human life therein may be joyful and fruitful. This prayer includes of course the petition that the inevitable natural climate changes may occur and be permitted within tolerable levels both for human survival and for the planet’s sustainability.

Мир і благодать - 08/13/15

Мир і благодать- це є Господь, любов і довершеність- це є Господь, світло для світу, Пастир добрий, що покладе голову за овець своїх, Трисвяте світло, яке освітлює і є захистом для тих, хто взиває Ім’я Боже,- це і є невичерпне джерело. Від Нього одержуємо все, що потрібно для життя і спасіння.

Forgiving Others - 08/12/15

C. E. Macartney, a Christian writer, has pointed out that when Leonardo da Vinci was about to paint his “Last Supper,” he had a quarrel with a fellow artist. He became so enraged that he decided to take his revenge by painting the face of his enemy into the face of Judas. He had determined to make the man go down in infamy. But when he came to paint the face of Christ, da Vinci could make no progress. Something was holding him back – his vengeful spirit. When he realized it, he painted out the face of Judas and began anew on the face of Christ which he finished with the success which the ages have acclaimed. Macartney comments: “You cannot at one and the same time be painting the features of Christ into your own life, and painting another face with the colors of enmity and hatred.”

Про важливість тіла людини - 07/14/15

Коли ми читаємо євангельські уривки про те, як Христос воскресив мертвого або зцілив тіло людини, ми рідко замислюємося про те, що людське тіло означає для Самого Бога, Який створив його з любов'ю для вічного життя, і що воно мало б означати для нас самих. Якщо б наше тіло не було б Богові дороге, так само цінне і ніжно любиме Ним, як і наша вічна душа, Бог не став би зціляти тіло або піклуватися про його вічне життя після воскресіння мертвих.

We have met the enemy.... - 07/14/15

In today’s Gospel Reading, we hear of another example of the Pharisee’s malice toward Jesus- their response to His healing of a demon-possessed mute man. “He casts out demons by the ruler of demons!” In other words, they claim that Christ derives His authority over the demons from Satan. And they say this, even in light of the fact that Christ is “preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.” Now, they obviously can’t find fault with the actions that He is taking, or their results- curing the blind, healing the sick, and the rest, so what is it, exactly, about Jesus that so makes them want to attack Him? Don’t they get it? How can they not see Him for Who He is? How can they possibly be so far off the mark? How can these Pharisees possibly be so…evil?

Weekly reflections by Rev. Fr. Anthony Perkins, pastor of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. Click here>
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