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Welcome to the web site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA!

On behalf of the clergy and the faithful of the UOC of the USA and especially the Consistory Office of Public Relations we are pleased to make this web site available to you.

We aim to offer an introduction to our work and witness for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on North American continent, especially in the United States of America. All information and activities highlighted have a common root in our desire to proclaim the Gospel of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in ways which are most appropriate for the amazing and testing times in which we live.

As you explore this site you will discover that we serve God not just through our local parishes, but through our work in the community in the United States of America and Ukraine. We follow our Lord’s call to serve the poor, the lonely, and the unloved. You can meet our parishes through the ministry among the youth of our Church as well through various projects of some of the most beautiful parishes in the country.

Please explore this web site. You will find information about the Metropolia: its ministries and staff, clergy and parishes, central Church organizations and institutions.

It is our hope that you will find this site informative and helpful, easily accessible, quick to navigate and responsive to your needs, and that you might be inspired to find out more about our Faith, our life and the welcome that awaits you in our parishes. This website is a living document, continually updated and inviting you into an ongoing relationship with the Church and through Her ministry with our Savior. 

We also welcome your comments. You may send them to us by clicking on one of the e-mail buttons at the bottom of this page and elsewhere throughout the site.

With prayers in our Lord,

+Constantine, Metropolitan
+Antony, Archbishop                +Daniel, Bishop

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