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The Consistory Office of Religious Education is pleased to announce for the upcoming Church School year the release of two adult educational tools to assist with adult Christian education in the parishes, and also updated forms and information for Christian Education for our youth and teaching guidelines. 

The first is series I of the Orthodoxy in a Nutshell pamphlets, which may be used for adult education, as well as for pamphlet racks (see suggestions on webpage by clicking link below).   Hardcopies of each will be sent out to the parishes in the month of September. A second series will be released in August of the coming year (2010) for the same purposes.   Orthodoxy in a Nutshell (click on the following): http://www.uocofusa.org/orthodoxynutshellpamphlet.html

Also released is a series for Adult Education in the book of Acts, either for Sunday Adult Christian Education or midweek Bible studies. They can be accessed by clicking on the following link: http://www.uocofusa.org/adultbiblestudy.html

Click on the following link to access, for Christian Education of our youth, registration forms, registration form updates (for when info on student changes midyear), volunteer form, and teaching guidelines for Christian Education teachers: http://www.uocofusa.org/teaching_guidelines.html

Please also review all of the other available resources for both youth and adult Christian Education that is available under the Office of Religious Education webpage, which can be accessed under the Consistory offices at:  http://www.uocofusa.org/offices.html  

With prayers in Christ,
Fr. Harry Linsinbigler, ORE Director

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