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Ukrainian Literature
"The Kozak spirit will never perish" Mykhajlo Krat


"The Kozak spirit will never perish" - Mykhajlo Krat, compiled and edited by Nina Krat Cherniak and Hanja Cherniak. 

"Козацькому роду нема переводу" - Михайло Крат

Bethesda, Maryland 2010

Hardcover, 310 pages.


2017 Historical Liturgical Calendar


Церковно-історичний Календар 2017

Historical Liturgical Calendar for 2017

34 pages, in Ukrainian

Size: 5.5" x 4"



2017 Liturgical Orthodox Calendar


Православний Церковний Календар 2017

Liturgical Orthodox Calendar 2017, with indication of fasting days, Feast Days, Holy Days and everyday bible readings.

in Ukrainian Language

Size: 5 1/2" x 4"



A History of Ukraine


by Michael Hrushevsky

A History of Ukrainian Literature


by Dmytro Cyzevskyj

Ukrainian Academic Press

year 1975

Was $25 Now $20

A Thousand Years of Christianity in Ukraine


An Encyclopedic Chronology

by Osyp Zinkewych and Andrew Sorokowski

312 pages


AXIOS Таїнство Людської Природи


Книга Видана з нагоди 400-го ювілею з часу заснування Київської Православної Богословської Аадемії.

На Українській мові.

118 сторінок

Christmas Carols


Колядки і Щедрівки з нотами

Christmas Carols with notes

200 pages

Size: 6" x 4"



Christmas Carols



A Colection of Christmas Carols in pocket size version.

112 pages in Ukrainian Language

Size: 5.5" x 4"



Diplomacy of double morality


by Peter G. Stercho




Icons from the Saint Michael Basilica in Genk, Belgium.

Language: Ukrainian and Belgian

96 full color pages.


Was $20 Now $15


Ангел Хоронитель


Коротенькі повчання для дітей.

94 сторінки

Short teachings for children

Hardcover, 94 pages book.


Бог ся Рождає - Колядки


Колядки з нотами

96 сторінок

З Української Старовини



Нарис історії Української Православної Церкви


Іван Власовський

Частини І - ІV

Різдвяні та Новорічні Віншування


На Українській мові.

112 сторінок

Софія Київська


упорядник Григорій Логвин

УПЦ Вічне Джерело Життя


протопресвітер Демид Бурко

Easter: customs, rituals and food


Великдень: звичаї, обряди и страви

Як вирахувати дату Пасхи? Що таке справжній піст? Пісні страви Малюємо писанки. Як спорядити великодній кошик? Великодня трапеза. Великодні веснянки, ігри, забави. Усе це та ще багато цікавого ви знайдете у найкращій книжці про Великдень! Упорядник: Ярослава Музиченко.
How to calculate the date of Easter? What is real fast? Vegetarian dish, Drawing Easter eggs. How to equip Easter basket? Easter meal. Easter freckles, games, entertainment. All this and many more interesting things you find in the best book about Easter! Compiled by Yaroslava Muzichenko.
Hardcover: 160 color pages
Size: 8" x 6"
ISBN 978-966-395-438-7


Encyclopedia of Ukraine


by Volodymyr Kubijovyc and Danylo Husar Struk

Volumes: I-V

map and Gazetteer

Excellent condition

Was $500 Now $350

Encyclopedia of Ukraine


By Volodymyr Kobijovyc

Volume I  (A-F)

Excellent condition

Was $120 now $80


From Roman to Theophany


Від Романа до Йордана - обряди, символи, страви

From Roman to Theophany - rituals, symbols and dishes

Manual of Feasts from December 1st, St Roman up to Theophany, with explanation of rituals, it's symbols and recipes.

116 pages, hard cover, color pages with pictures.

Size: 8" x 6"



Here Comes the Wonderful Star


Іде звізда чудна - Колядник з нотами. Колядки. Пісні на Новий Рік. Щедрівки. Йорданські пісні. Віншівки.
Упорядник: Наталія Манько.
Here Comes the Wonderful Star. Ukrainian Christmas Carols with notes. Songs for New Year, Theophany and Christmas Greetings.
Compiled by: Natalia Manko.
Hardcover: 464 pages music with notes.
Size: 5 3/4" x 4"


Hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazeppa


by Clarence A. Manning

History of Ukraine


By Rev. Isidore Nahayewsky

Material Concerning Ukrainian-Jewish Relations during the Years of the Revolution
Mortyrology of the Ukrainian Churches - Мартирологія Українських Церков


Compiled and Edited by Osyp Zinkewych and Rev. Taras R. Lonchyna

Volumes I & II

My Meetings and Discussions in Israel


by Petro Mirchuk

Nationbuilding and the politics of nationalism


by Andrei S. Makovits and Frank E. Sysyn

Essays on Austrian Galicia


Outline History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


by Ivan Wlasowsky

Volume II

192 pages

Pray, child!


Молись, дитя! Дитячий православний молитовник

Pray Child! is an Orthodox Prayer book for Children in Ukrainian language, helps parents on introducing the routine of daily prayer to children.

34 pages full collor illustrations.

Size: 5.5" x 4"


Rituals and Dishes for Holy Supper


Обряди і Страви Святого Вечора - Ольга Вербенець, Віра Манько

Rituals and Dishes for Holy Supper by Olha Verbenets, Vira Manhko

Hardcover 200 pages book in Ukrainian language

Size: 8" x 6"



Taras Shevchenko Selected Poetry


Kyiv "Dnipro" Publishing

in both languages

The Law of God


The law of God

Закон Божий

For children of young age classes of Sunday School.

Hardcover book with 336 pages.

Language: Ukrainian.

Size: 8' x 6"


The World of Mykola Lysenko
Taras Filenko Tamara Bulat

Ethnic Identity, Music, and Politics in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Ukraine.

Canada, 2001
434 pages

Was $50 Now $45

Ukraine - A Concise Encyclopedia


by Volodymyr Kubijovyc

Volumes I & II

Ukrainian Embroideries


by Maria Kutsenko

Ukrainian Embroidery Book


by Ann Kmit, Johanna Luciow, Loretta Luciow

The history and traditional uses of Ukrainian embroidery is followed by many color photographs of embroideries from across Ukraine. Next, you are taken through materials, tools and techniques. Openwork, flat stitching, weaving stiches, cross-stich, and non-counted designs are covered as well as contemporary uses of embroidery. You are also shown how to make an embroidered blouse of your own, from cutting your cloth to making the thread cord that ties at your neck.

Size: 9" x 8", 112 pages


Was $18 Now $ 6

What should we put in the Easter basket


Що кладемо до великоднього кошика

A 34 page booklet explaining "What should we put in the Easter basket" together with the purpose of each item.

Text is in Ukrainian language.

Size: 6 1/2" x 4 3/4"


 Was $5 Now $4


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