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Diocesan Relief Programs and Supported Charities
Office of Christian Charity
Office of Christian Charity
The Church as a whole depends on the ongoing support of Orthodox Christians to do the work of spreading the Good News of the Gospels. We need your help in reaching out to those who seek the comfort and peace that comes from embracing the Truth. At the same time, our parishes – and our neighbors and friends in those parishes -- are often in need of help. Please remember the Church in your planned giving, your wills and trusts and in your charitable donations. For information on how to support the ministry of the entire Church, write to us at or by post at the following address:

Rev. Deacon Ihor Mahlay
Consistory Office of Chrisitan Charity,
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA,
1893 West Royalton Road
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
Tel: (440) 582-1051

We will assist you any way we can.

The Church also supports specific relief programs and charities through the donations of our members and friends. The Consistory Office of Christian Charity (OCC) supports and coordinates UOC activities both in this country and abroad. For more information, visit the OCC page in this website.

The following are UOC’s relief programs and supported charities. Your help for these programs is urgently needed. Many of these organizations and programs maintain their own web presence. For more information, click on highlighted links or contact the Consistory:

  • Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund (CCRF): a relief organization headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey, and headed by Dr. Zenon and Mrs. Nadia Matkiwsky. CCRF provides medical equipment, medicines, clothing and other essentials to the victims - and especially to children -- of the Chornobyl disaster throughout Ukraine.
  • Eastern Orthodox Foundation: Founded in 1966, this foundation located in Indiana, Pennsylvania provides shelter, food, clothing, physical, emotional and spiritual support to the homeless and people with mental health diabilities. This facility, licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a home to those that are socially and economically disadvantaged, as well as physically and mentally handicapped.
  • Orphanages in Ukraine: The Archdiocese, in cooperation with the Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund, has adopted two orphanage in Ukraine. Thus far, $40,000 in assistance has been contributed to the two institutions, one in Znamyanka, Kirivohrad oblast and the other in Zaluche in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. Both of these homes care for children with severe and permanent mental and physical disabilities, many of which are attributed to the Chornobyl nuclear accident, which took place over 15 years ago. This grant was made possible by a generous donation from sisters Orycia Federwicz and Natalie Dedeluk, two parishioners from the parish of St. Volodymyr in Los Angeles, California. This is the second grant offered to CCRF by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. In 1996, the UOC of the USA sponsored a neonatal intensive care unit at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital with a grant of $120,000. Contributions to assist this effort may be sent to the Consistory.
  • Seminary Scholarships in Ukraine: provides stipends for seminarians in Ukraine
  • St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Society: This organization of faithful of the UOC of the USA has its purpose in supporting the spiritual rebirth of the people of Ukraine specifically through the ministry of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The Society provides humanitarian assistance to the needy by providing funds to soup kitchens for the poor, elderly and handicapped. The Society organizes and finances St. Nicholas visitations and programs for orphans throughout Ukraine and publishes books and educational pamphlets disseminated to the faithful, seminarians and parishes at no cost to the recipients. The Society has also purchased supplies and equipment, and assisted with expenses at the Ukrainian Orthodox seminaries. Seminarians receive scholarships through the efforts of the Faithful of our Church in America. Saint Andrew’s Society has spearheaded efforts in collecting funds to rebuild St. Michael’s Cathedral and Monastery in Kyiv, Ukraine, raising $100,000.00.
  • Ukraine Dental Project: headed by Rev. Deacon Ihor Mahlay of Parma, Ohio, who is a dentist by profession. The Project provides dental services to orphanages and those in need of immediate dental attention in Ukraine.
Missions and monasteries:
  • South American Seminary: The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has recently established a Seminary for the South American Eparchy. Located in Curitiba, Brazil, the school provides pastoral formation for the leadership of the Church under the archpastoral care of His Eminence Archbishop Jeremiah. The Orthodox Christian Mission Center of St. Augustine, Florida, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. are providing financial assistance for this Seminary. A Mission Team including 13 faithful from the U.S. and Canada has recently returned from a working trip, visiting the Church in Brazil.
Other funds and programs:
  • Historical and Educational Complex Building Fund: donations accepted for the building of the new proposed museum and Ukrainian Famine memorial
  • New Missions Fund: donations accepted to assisted mission parishes in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Charlottesville, Virginia, and to develop other new mission parishes throughout the USA.
  • Endowment fund in memory of Patriarch Mstyslav: created to protect the future operation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA
    • Pension Fund: supports our retired clergy and widowed wives of Diocesan clergy
    • St. Sophia Seminary Support fund: supports St. Sophia Theological Seminary in South Bound Brook, New Jersey
Contact us if you need our help, if you require additional information or if you wish to learn how you can help support our programs.
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